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COVID-19: UK returnees in Delta flouting self-isolation precautions, doctor cries out



By Iteveh Ekpokpobe

(COVID-19 Updates) –   Delta State Epidemiologist, Dr. Richard Ikwuogu has raised alarm over three of Okpanam indigenes who recently returned from the United Kingdom, for flaunting the 14 days mandatory self isolation precautions against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The alarm was contained in a message circulating on WhatsApp which read, “I am Dr. R.O.C Ikwuogu, Delta State Epidemiologist. I had a bitter experience todaý at Okpanam. The Epidemiology unit received report of Emeka Ijeh a returnee from London on 23/3/2020 who refused to isolate.”

“My SDSNO placed a call to him but the man was full of abuses on the SDSNO. We went we the intent of discussing why he should self isolate but because of the phone call experience, we went to the Ogoani of Okpanam who asked the Chairman if vigilante group in Okpanam to lead us to the place.”

“On getting to his house opposite the Omu of Okpanam. He was informed that some persons are looking for him. He came down and while we tried to exchange pleasantries, he started abusing us that we are infringing on his privacy.”

“When I tried to explain, he said that I would have the disease someday and ordered us out of his compound saying he is a WHO staff. We left quietly but I never knew that he was following us.”

“I will send to you what happened thereafter. The HCH could not come to our aid and the Police did nothing because no authority spoke on the matter.”

Confirming the report, Dr. Richard Ikwuogu, via a telephone chat with our correspondent, disclosed that their investigation was based on rumours which were however confirmed.

He disclosed that the first reported case was currently adhering to the regulations while the other two were willing to and had.

According to him, there was no suspected nor confirmed case of Corona Virus infection, so far, in Delta State.

Ikwuogu explained that a person must show symptoms of the virus before he or she is declared a suspect.

He urged Deltans to remain steadfast with the precautionary measures spelt out by the state government.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joshua Ijeh

    March 30, 2020 at 7:53 am

    This is fake news, you are the one who is clearly an uneducated fraudster, who is spreading fake news either through ignorance, stupidity, jealously or maybe all of them.
    My Dad has come to Nigeria and Okpanam and a citizen, he has self isolated for more than 2 weeks. He travels to Nigeria every 3 months and has travelled legally, through the same airport that the government you are calling control. He did not enter illegally. Why should he not return as son of the soil to his home? He is self isolating in house and clearly not showing any symptoms of corona.
    If you had common sense why would they need so many health officials to arrest him or force him to self isolate. Wouldn’t that cause the virus to spread more and be in contact with more people? He is a grown and educated man who has returned to his home for the love he has, not to go put anyone in danger.
    He is self isolating as demanded by the Delta State Government Ministry of health officials and he is monitored everyday as I understand. Thanks for your kind words for my humble person.
    He does not have a cough or temperature, rather than spreading fake news, please educate yourself first and may God deliver you from ignorance. Rather than spreading fake news, educate people how they can reduce the risk of catching the virus by washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and promote social distancing because that’s how it spreads. God Bless.

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