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Re: Purported adoption of Victor Adoji, a hatchet job to manipulate Kogi East elders – A myopic injuction, By John Paul



I have said this repeatedly, that the major integrant of Kogi East political menace are the educated elites. They use English to bamboozle people’s mind especially when the subject matter doesn’t seem to favor them or their paymasters. And until issues of national cores are twisted to suit their aspiration, they won’t relent. At best, they group as progressive minds but their interest is restricted within the stretch of an arm. They have no agenda that recognize and advocate due processes in democracy. Rather, they seek to constricts the deepening process through concocted and brandished propaganda.

I woke up this morning, and decided to browse the internet for latest news, only to find out that the most mud-slinging article had been published in

Ordinarily I would have skipped due to it’s flatulence. But for the smoothest lies embedded in the heading- Purported adoption of Adoji A Predetermined Hatchet Job To Manipulate Kogi East Elders. Wait a minute, could it be that the writer qas in the figment of his Imagination or just the usual bidding to fulfill all righteousness? What is Dr. Usman Ogbo asking for that the elders have not provided? Or are you simply aggrieved because the outcome of the interaction did not favor your candidate? Let me ask further, could it be that you are pained because the elders council in question refused to subject themselves to the totalitarianism of those you represent? Oh yes! I guess your headache in the entire process is that, the elders decided to hold the meeting in Abuja to avoid been distracted and at worst, killed by those messenger of vices otherwise known as thugs. Of course, you and I know that ‘democracy and it’s principles were murdered the moment some tyrannic power blocs resonated to the podium of governance. So how possible could it be for such historic events to have taken place in Kogi state amidst political hostilities occasioned by a high level desperation of these cabal?

To further proven the writer’s hatred for justice, equity and transparency, he pretended in the article that the Elders have not done the needful. Therefore a categorical statement is needed to back their judgement. This is a grand hypocrisy and a travesty of democracy.
For heaven’s sake, our elders have been fair enough in this exercise. All contestants were duly contacted. And those who honored the invitations were mentioned. The names of the committee members (which include two professors) that conducted the exercise were listed along side their signatures. The procedures that formed the basis of the interaction was listed. Contestants individual rating was published, followed by their position. And most importantly, a statement duly signed by the Chairman of the committee, Chief J S Odawn and the secretary, Prof. S O Ejima was issued to that effect. So, i wonder what Dr Ogbo is still asking for. An excerpt from the fictitious article reads: We are using this medium to call on the Kogi East Elders’ Council to issue categorical statement on the purported endorsement report before it further compounds the already polity in Kogi East.
Ironically, this write up is not only biased, its a semblance of lies sponsored from the pit of hell to distract and absorb in the mind the negative impact of governance which they represent. But, the good news is Kogi Easterners have stepped up beyond this myopic insinuation. They now know who is for them and who is against them. In 2019, they shall speak with one voice. Therefore, since its a proven fact that Dr Victor Alewo Adoji was not the only contestant present at the venue, no amount of lies can distract our elders from championing the course of their children.

I am not also unaware that, the writer mentioned the slated date (7 – 8 December). But he tactically attested to his write up as been sentimental by cunningly boycotting the details attached to it.Part of the reports delivered to the committee by the sub-committee and anchored the interaction reads; Letters of invitation were sent to the candidates identified through their campaign offices/officials and e-mails. This was followed by phone calls and text messages. Candidates were also requested to indicate any of the two dates (7 & 8 December) that was convenient for them.

Fellow Kogi Easterners, while other contestants, actually responded, Aidoko purportedly sent his P.A to check the calibre of people hosting the event, as that will form the basis with which he will honor the invitation. Echocho on his part never responded. All text messages and calls put across to him were left unattended to.
Significantly, the two gladiators (Aidoko and Echocho) are not taking into cognizance the ideology of rooting their aspiration with the masses. Why? Because, its a known fact that Aidoko is a staunch loyalist of these power blocs. And as far as 2019 is concerned, the only alternative to ensure the expansion of their wealth is to vouch for him. Echocho on the other hand is riding on the horse of incumbency, and he is so relaxed with it that the needed assessment has to wait. All hail the king, at least an APC stalwart and member of the Elders council has endorsed him. So its now the case of a lone ranger versus the masses. But, in the end we shall see whose idea prevails.

Fellow Kogi Easterners, let me unequivocally state that Dr. Ogbo and his write up cannot be taken serious, and i will prove that very quick; First, the members of the so call group he currently chairs are in the payroll of the state government. Dr. Ogbo himself is known to be a character assassin and a betrayer to the core. Comrade Austin Okai and ASUU,Kogi state chapters can testify to this effect. Having said this, its apposite that Ogbo is simply doing his best to keep his newly-found source of income.

But, its appalling that a learned gentleman of Ogbo’s status has lost his sense of morality and social value to crumbs. I wonder what became of the authorities under his watch at Kogi state university as a former don.
Nevertheless, 2019 general elections will be historic. The masses are ready and they will speak volume. There is be no place for political malpractice this time. Moreover, DVAA movement is an idea whose time has come, to liberate Igala/Bassa from the shackles of poverty, undo politicking and unite Igala/Bassa in common fronts.

Let me also remind Ogbo that Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is a household name in the realm of humanitarianism. He is a role model and the people have seen him as their mouth-piece.
Therefore, no amount of propaganda and cheap lies can deter this movement.



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1 Comment


    December 19, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    DVAA 2019 is our VB main concern.

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Atiku’s US Trip: So much ado about nothing, By Tunde Ajose



For good watchers of the Nigerian politics, one thing has come to stay in our political experiment at getting it right in this country and that is the ability for smart politicians to easily sway the electorates with mundane issues.

The campaigns are no longer issue based but media sensationalism.

Latest of such was the sudden appearance of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the United States of America! Then one begins to wonder why the opposition would think such is the needed magic wand to win the election.

And the euphoria may not be unconnected with the report that Atiku was barred from entering the States because of his fraudulent nature but the question is, why would any serious opposition believes such action would immediately translate into winning the Aso Rock.

One would have wondered why Atiku has chosen to travel with the current senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki? Could it be that he actually traveled under the diplomatic immunity of Saraki’s official delegation?

Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity that ensures diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country’s laws, but they can still be expelled.

We need to be circumspect as we move forward as a nation and be more discerning. The current government of Nigeria is focused more than before in ensuring that Nigerians, regardless of the class or status has a befitting country they could fall back to and call a home.

It is quite obvious that while the opposition are playing to the gallery, the presidential campaign organisation of president Mohammad Buhari is busy rolling up its sleeves and getting down to fields where the real electorates are and connecting with them.

This past week especially has been full of activities for the president despite his age. Within a spate of two weeks, Buhari had sat down to two interviews in-between journeying from the length and breadth of the country in getting the message of hope down to the people.

The president does not rely on his privilege as an incumbent, but insisted on talking to his people and ensuring that Nigerians are united as they go to polls come February.

No one is in doubt that his message also resonates well with the citizens as they troop out en masse to welcome and listen to what he has to say. With the multitude of crowd recorded today as he presented the gubernatorial flagbearer of the party to the good people of Delta State and the ovation that greeted it, there is no doubt that Buhari is truly loved.

As we count down to the elections, Nigerians need to bear it in mind that the 2019 election is about building on a new foundation which the present government has been able to achieve in the first four years and giving the solid foundation out to the marauders to destroy along with the better forgotten 16years in power.

If Atiku is in the United States today, there is no way the intelligence agencies of the federal government of Nigeria would not know about it.


Tunde Ajose, a political commentator, writes from Lagos.

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Red alert on Kogi 2019 elections, By Omahi Umar



2019 Kogi elections may end up being the bloodiest and the most rigged election in the history of Nigeria. This is not a question of being an alarmist. It is rather because the incumbent governor, having failed woefully in governance has principally resorted to the use of security agents to rig and manipulate the outcome of the elections in favour of the ruling government.

A taste of what to expect in the elections in Kogi has started manifesting. In the Kogi Central Senatorial District where the governor hails from, members of the opposition are now harassed, harangued, maimed, killed and kidnapped on regular basis. The latest victim is one Enesi who was recently killed by armed men while several others went missing in recent night raids and hunts for men of the opposition parties in the Kogi Central.

In the same central, it is an open secret that the houses of Commissioner for Water Resources, the Commissioner for  Local Government and many of the local government administrators have now turned armouries where a huge number of sophisticated guns and ammunitions are off-loaded at nights purportedly by “men in uniform” unchallenged. It was being speculated that over 3000 assorted automatic weapons have been acquired by the governor and hidden in different locations across the state. The state local tabloids and social media have the news of the governor vowing that he was ready to kill anyone who stands on his way in the coming elections.

The Kogi East will definitely be a battleground of sorts too. It is the home of the all powerful Chief of Staff who has vowed to deliver his constituency to the governor at all costs. Recently in Idah, many vehicles belonging to Atai Idoko were destroyed by APC members while on campaign rallies. Pockets of violence from Kogi East are reported on daily basis and will be on the increase as we approach elections. The most troubling aspects of this violence is that they are often committed in the glaring eyes of security agents who choose to look the other way while these crimes are being perpetrated.

It has been rumoured that the Ogohi of Anyigba’s palace is the armoury for Eastern Kogi with brother, the administrator of Dekina Local Government, Alhaji Isiaka and Alhaji Ahmed, the Kogi East Zonal chairman of the APC as field commanders.

The Western Senatorial District appears calm as of today but we believe it is an uneasy and heavily pregnant calm.  This Senatorial District is the home place of Dino. The governor is betting it everywhere with his life that he would rather die than allow free and fair elections  that would produce Dino. Since Dino enjoys cult followership in these areas, the modus operandi here will be to scare away many people from voting units so as to allow for heavily falsified results against Dino and Atiku.

The number of militants in training in Kogi is becoming very scary, worrisome, alarming and really frightening. The men of the Vigilante Service are now being secretly trained on the use of sophisticated weapons. The first batch of about 1000 men and women have passed out. Currently at the Lokoja Stadium, there are over 700 vigilante men/women in camp undergoing military training for the elections. Police and military uniforms are smuggled into the state for use in the elections.

Apart from this number being trained in the state, reliable information is that over 1000 militants are currently undergoing training in Yobe State for Kogi elections. The whole stories are really very worrisome.

The intention is to kill and harass opposition members as much as possible. It is also intended that many strong opposition members would be kidnapped prior to the elections. Information is that many should be scared away from voting, especially in the opposition strongholds.

By and large, the elections in Kogi may witness tales of anguish and failures except urgent steps are taken to counter the devilish plans of the state governor. The goings on in Kogi State must be exposed to the whole world by all means possible. This is a situation where a stitch in time will save nine.


  • Umar wrote in from Lokoja, Kogi State
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Wait! Before you vote Atiku, By Musa Mohammed



While the clamour for change in government from president Mohammodu Buhari to Atiku Abubakar may have been something that has taken over the national discuss and rightly so as the elections draw near, it may be noteworthy to pause and reflect on the character of the prospected replacement.

The big question on our mind should be can we trust Atiku? What really is the new thing he is coming to offer bearing in mind he was once the number two citizen of this great nation for 8years? If we insist the position of a vice president is not as powerful as the president, haven’t the achievements of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo knocked out such narrative?

The Nigerian vice president has proven times without number that he is as useful as the president of Nigeria and records are there to show for it. Where are the achievements of Mr. Atiku?

If you ask Nigerians, most of what they would remember about his days in office would be the national assets he sold to his colleagues and the long running battle he had with his principal, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Aside from the fact that there should be no vacancy in Aso Rock, Osinbajo is more presidential than Atiku. Don’t take my words for it, below were some of the things his then boss said and wrote about him chronologically.

2003 “I regret picking Atiku Abubakar as my vice”.

2004 “I can no longer work with Atiku, his integrity is in question “.

2005 “Atiku cannot be trusted “.

2006 “Atiku cannot escape justice over corruption cases ”

2007 “Do not vote Atiku he is corrupt”.

2008 “Atiku is a corrupt leader”.

2009 “Nigerians can never forgive Atiku”.

2010 “Atiku is not an option to leadership in Nigeria “.

2011 “I have never seen a leader as greedy as Atiku “.

2012 “Nigerians should pray for leaders imbued with integrity not Atiku “.

2013 “Atiku should apologize to Nigerians over his political sins”.

2014 No political party with the aspiration to assume leadership should think of Atiku”.

2015 “Nigeria has grown beyond a corrupt leader like Atiku”.

2016 “I will never reconcile with Atiku “.

2017 “I never knew Atiku was this corrupt ” “I can never be on the same page with Atiku. God forbid!”.

2018 January to August “God will not forgive me if I support Atiku “.

2018 August “Atiku has the capacity to save Nigeria’s economy from collapse”.

If such verdicts could come from Obasanjo who was his direct boss, what doubts should Nigerians have in rejecting such bad market and move on to the next level with the present administration bearing mind that Obasanjo once said, “As an engineer, I know a point I can use tractor to hit and a storey building would come down within few minutes, but it would take years to erect such.”

Nigeria is undergoing transformation. The administration of president Mohammodu Buhari has used his first term to lay a good foundation for him to start building on in 2019 and it only make sense to key in.

God bless Nigeria.

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