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The media often glamorize women with big boobs, just a picture from them and the Internet go gaga, many people drool over large boobs, and many find it sexy, but they’re downsides associated having big boobs, even though they seem to enjoy the attention, they are suffering in silence, below are few downsides of having big boobs.
Pains which radiates throughout the neck, back, shoulders and sometimes it radiates to the head and cause headache

Inability to exercise
Women with large boobs find it hard to exercise without wearing a sport bra, even with a sport bra, thier boobs manage to pop out at intervals, and the exercise would be a herculean task due to the weight and mass of the boobs pulling them down.

Serious health risks and threat to life
Enlarged breasts are as a result of macromastia, which is life threatening, and several other skin diseases which result from The constant rubbing of skin against skin which can create painful rashes and yeast infections. Skin stretching to accommodate the heavy mass of the breast also cause stretch marks.

you cant sleep on your stomach
Sleeping on your stomach which happens to be one of the most comfortable sleeping positions is not for you, as your boobs will feel like its about to explode.

They’re certain kind of clothes you cant wear
Like tight shirts or button down shirts, your boobs will pop out if you move too much in it, and it’ll be so embarrassing, strapless dresses like bridesmaid dresses, and backless dresses, blazers

there’s always a limit to what you can do
You can’t run, or jump and cant use cross body bags as it’ll partition your boobs in a very ridiculous manner

bra problems
Finding the right size of bra is a major problem and even if you do, it wont fit and your size is not common

You attract unnecessary attention
People will always stare at your boobs wherever you’re especially in fitted dress or bathing suits, and the attention will be so uncomfortable and overwhelming, much concentration will be on the boobs, and people often asks what size of bra you use.

You look sexual in anything you wear, even decent dresses and you cant help it
This is self explanatory

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