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Coronavirus: UEFA postpones Champions, Europa leagues till July, August



Coronavirus: UEFA postpones Champions, Europa Leagues till July, August

UEFA has postponed its club competitions until July/August due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Football across Europe remains suspended as countries battle the Covid-19 pandemic across the continent.

In England, 381 people died from Covid-19 in the UK on Tuesday, bringing the total to 1,789, while thousands more are currently battling the virus.

A conference between Europe’s 55 national football associations along with UEFA took place on Wednesday, and it is believed that the governing body has moved the restart date for the Champions League and Europa League to July/August.

All international matches in June will also be suspended and will probably not be played until the autumn, according to ZDF Sport.

Reports yesterday claimed several senior football executives were talking about June being an optimistic time to restart the season, but it now appears that move has been pushed back even further.